Honey Bee

Honey Bee Photo Album


Welcome to the TGO Nature Center’s Honey Bee Photo Album. Hopefully the photos in this album will help in identifying this bee which is so important to our ecosystem.  Click on any photo to get a closer view.

TGO Nature Center volunteer, Gary Wittstock, took the photo below of a Honey Bee on a Snowflake flower located in his pond he built at his house. Beautiful shot, Gary, thank you for sharing!


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Photo Courtesy of Gary Wittstock


Sandy Juba provided the photo below of a honey bee covered in pollen.


TGO Nature Center, Nature, Honey, Bee, Pollen, Education, Series

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Juba


To read about a couple of our Honey Bees rescues here at TGO, click on a title below:

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