Birds Photo Albums

Birds Photo Albums


Welcome to the TGO Nature Center Birds Photo Albums. We are fortunate to have a large variety of birds at TGO.  Click on a link below to view photographs of some of the birds you will find at TGO and around Central Florida.  These photos were taken by members of The Great Outdoors community.

The Nature Center library has a “Birds of The Great Outdoors RV/Nature & Golf Resort” tri-fold brochure/checklist which lists birds you will find at TGO and the surrounding area.  Cary and Betty Salter updated the brochure/checklist in 2015. The brochure is free and a great way to keep track of which birds you see.


American Coot

American White Pelican


Bald Eagle

 2016 Bald Eagle Nest

Belted Kingfisher

Black Bellied Whistling Duck

Black Crown Night Heron


Common Moorhen aka Common Gallinule

Crested Caracara

Double-Crested Cormorant


Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

Great Horned Owl

–  2015 Great Horned Owl Nests

–  Owls at TGO Video – 2017

Green Heron


Hooded Merganser

Little Blue Heron


Mottled Duck

Northern Flicker

Northern Shoveler


Painted Bunting

Pileated Woodpecker

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Winged Blackbird

Reddish Egret

Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Roseate Spoonbill

Sandhill Crane

Sora Rail


Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Snowy Egret


Tree Swallow

Tricolored Heron

Tufted Titmouse

White Ibis

Wild Turkey

Wood Stork

Yellow-Rumped Warbler



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