TGO Nature Center Donations


Monetary Donations

We are a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation and can issue tax receipts.

  • Remitting a check payable to “The Nature Center at The Great Outdoors”, 400 Nature Center Trail, Titusville, Florida, 32780.
  • Donating stock. We have a brokerage account and have the ability to sell any stock and transfer the proceeds to our building and maintenance fund.
  • Charitable giving. Recently passed IRS code changes have created several new opportunities for charitable giving. Qualified distributions for those 70 ½ or older can be directly transferred from an IRA and is excludable from income for federal tax purposes.

Please see your Financial or Tax advisor.



We take all brands of used computer ink or toner cartridges for recycling. This helps to defray most of our office supplies, printing and mailing costs.


Flea Market

Our biggest fundraiser is the Annual Flea Market held in January. You can purchase a table or just clean out your closets and garage. Leave all the clutter for us to sell. No item is too big. Tax receipts are given. Any items not sold are donated to a worthy cause.

We can also take donations of items, large or small, at anytime during the year. We endeavor to sell large items on-line throughout the year. Please call Sandy Juba (her number is in the TGO phone directory) or click on the link on the sidebar to the right under “Contact Us”.


Wish List Tree


TGO Nature Center, Nature, The Great Outdoors, Titusville, Florida, TGO, Wish List Tree

Photo Courtesy of Darlene Durham


Someone recently asked where our “Wish List Tree” is located. It is a metal tree hanging on the inside on one of the front doors of the Nature Center. There are pouches which contain pictures and descriptions of items the Nature Center can use. Anyone can take the description, purchase the item and contact Sandy Juba (her number is in the TGO phone directory) to make the donation. We ask that items dropped off at the Nature Center have a note of who the donor is so we can thank you.


TGO Nature Center – “Living in Harmony with Nature

Contact Us

To reserve the meeting room, contact:

Josiah Monk at Recreation Services for reservations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Loretta Anne’ for all other times.