Please Do Not Molest Gopher Tortoises!

Please Do Not Molest Gopher Tortoises!

©2016 Darlene B. Durham


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Photo Courtesy of Jim Dick


It is March 2016 and as our weather warms and mating season approaches, we are seeing more Gopher Tortoises. I had an encounter a few weeks ago with a man who was flipping a Gopher Tortoise over with his foot. At first I thought the tortoise was dead when he flipped it onto its back but when he flipped it upright again, I saw the tortoise was alive. Gopher Tortoises are a threatened species and are a very important part of our ecosystem. The Gopher Tortoise, their eggs and burrows are protected under Florida law. The man did not think he was doing anything wrong and was trying to keep the tortoise from leaving the area until his wife retrieved a camera to take its photograph but he was probably stressing the animal. Since it against the law to pursue or harass Gopher Tortoises, please admire them from a distance.

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