Plant Parts

 Basic Plant Parts

 Courtesy of Bureau of Land Management


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Plant Parts


Click on the diagram to enlarge.   Below are descriptions of the different parts of a plant.

Basic Parts of a Plant:

  • Bud – the undeveloped flower of a plant
  • Flower – the reproductive structure in flowering plants where seeds are produced
  • Fruit – the ripened ovary of a plant that contains the seeds; becomes fleshy or hard and dry after fertilization to protect the developing seeds
  • Leaf – the light absorbing structure and food making factory of plants; site of photosynthesis
  • Root – anchors the plant and absorbs water and nutrients from the soil
  • Seed – the ripened ovule of a plant, containing the plant embryo, endosperm (stored food), and a protective seed coat
  • Stem – the support structure for the flowers and leaves; includes a vascular system (xylem and phloem) for the transport of water and food
  • Vein – vascular structure in the leaf


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