Milkweed Recommendations

Milkweed Recommendations

by John Roberts


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Photo Courtesy of Sandy Juba


We are getting a lot of questions about the three recommended Milkweed plants for the Monarchs; here are suggestions of John Roberts and where you might find the plants as of Spring of 2015:

Try the  Butterfly Milkweed-Asclepias tuberose (see photo). These pretty yellow/orange flowering plants, about 2 ft tall, can be grown about anywhere, anytime in the sun.  If you plan on establishing them in a pot or planter box, it is probably a good idea to place them where our sprinklers will reach them in the hot summer.  Fertilizer is really not needed, however a handful of black cow manure at the bottom of the hole may prove beneficial.  Growing Crazy Nursery, 268-2975, 1510 Dixie Hwy, Titusville will have tuberosa in gallon pots starting week of April 1, 2015.

For best results with seeds, plant them in peat.  A good mix is Jiffy Seed Mix Starting Kits at Lowes, directions on the box.  If you should want to try a species in a damp location try the Red Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnata.  It will be easier to grow than the Aquatic White Milkweed. It also loves a sunny location. Maple Street Natives, Melbourne (321) 729-6857 has 4″ pots@ $3.00 each.  Good growing for happy Monarchs! John Roberts  Ed. Note: John told me that  “…milkweed plants are not bothered by deer”.


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