What Is Killing The Spatterdock?

What is Killing The Spatterdock (Lily Pads) in Lake Judy?

 by John Roberts – November 2015


Have you noticed the lily pads in Lake Judy “curling up,” turning brown and dying? C.S.A. has been accused in the past of spraying the pond and killing the pads. The culprit once again belongs in the Mother Nature category. It is a small black beetle called the Water Lily Beetle that is eating the leaves. The St. John’s River is also seeing an infestation of the beetles. For several years, starting in the fall, this problem has occurred in Lake Judy. The Spatterdock is a very tough plant and recovers by spring. We like to see some spatterdock in our ponds, but it is invasive and at times must be chemically controlled. The beneficial aspect is that it provides shade and harborage for our animal aquatic life.

Thanks, John.  I thought these plants just lost their leaves this time of year like leaves fall off of trees in the fall.


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