Injured Animals

What To Do If You Find An Injured Animal


Injured animals should be treated carefully. They are in pain and all they want to do is escape from people. Their only defense is their claws and/or teeth. Know what you are doing before attempting a rescue. There are several people in TGO who will help with injured animals. They are:

Sandy Juba – 267-0885

Randy Hopper – 264-4723

Karen McDonough – 414-870-6347

If they are not available, please call one of the following local rehabilitators:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Central Florida

Ron & Carol Hardee, Christmas – 407-568-3200

Titusville County Animal Control – 633-2024

Florida Wildlife Hospital

Melbourne – 321-254-8843

All of these rehabilitators work on a very limited budget. They exist a lot of times just by donations. If anyone would like to help them, they would greatly appreciate your help.


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