Mammals of TGO and Central Florida

We are fortunate to have so many species of mammals at TGO and in Central Florida.  The TGO Nature Center is proud to present an educational series about some of the mammals you will find at TGO and Central Florida.  We also have mammal related topics to educate on how to best protect our mammals.

The articles which have (a Page From Nature) next to the title are articles written in the early 2000’s primarily by a former resident, Linda Adams.  Articles titles with (On Nature’s Side) next to them we believe they were written by Karen Early between 2004-2006.  These articles are just as relevant today as they were when they were first written.

Check back often as we will be adding more articles about our mammals!

Click on a title below to learn more about a specific topic.

 Mammal Articles:


Bats (a Page From Nature)

Bobcat (a Page From Nature)

Florida’s Squirrels (a Page From Nature)

Manatees (a Page From Nature)

Opossum (On Nature’s Side)

Raccoons (a Page From Nature)

Wild Hog (a Page From Nature)


Mammal Related Articles:

Injured Animals

Please Don’t Feed The Animals

Rabid Raccoon?



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