Shade Grown Coffee

 Shade Grown Coffee

Matt Heyden


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The Perfect Coffee!


The Friends of the TGO Nature Center sell “shade grown coffee”

Why?  Well, it turns out that coffee grows naturally in the shade of the forest. It doesn’t have to be grown in bulldozed fields with pesticide treatment, which is the modern method of producing the maximum amount of coffee in a hurry for super market consumption. People that know this, stop drinking the name brands of inferior coffee. But there’s more.

Shade grown coffee is important for several reasons.

  1. Coffee grown in the Central and South American forest allows the forest to remain intact to support our migrating song birds.
  2. Shade grown coffee does not expose the families doing the picking to pesticides.
  3. Our shade grown coffee is fairly traded.  This means that the families that own the small farms are paid a fair price for their product.  This eliminates the middle man, and this encourages them to leave their farms free of chemicals, and leave their forests standing.
  4. It’s the finest coffee I’ve ever had in my life……bar none.  It’s Arabica, not Robusta. There’s a big difference.
  5. The flavor is much richer and intense because coffee grown in the shade takes longer to ripen. So, while it is more expensive, I only use about one half as much.
  6. Shade grown coffee is organic.

Equal Exchange recognizes the Great Outdoors Nature Center as a buying group, and allows us to purchase bulk quantities at wholesale.  We sell it direct to our nature loving friends at The Great Outdoors at wholesale.  This saves me about $3 per bag compared with buying it at my grocery store in New York.

We generally have coffee available at all the nature programs.  Several of our owners buy it by the case, and when I head north for the summer, I take a case with me.  It’s that good!


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