Modern conveniences come with a price. Consider all the items you throw away every day. It is so easy to take your trash to the curb and let someone take it away. But to where? And what impact does it have on land and water supplies. EVERYONE has the opportunity to help save our precious earth for future generations, taking just minutes a day. Recycling is a habit that shows respect for our planet. The recycle center is behind the Sawdust Club in the Maintenance area. Many people use it; however, we must complete the effort by using the bins correctly. In Brevard County the following items are recycled. Please take the time to “recycle, replenish, and revive”.

  • Aluminum Cans: All aluminum cans, such as soda, food, and pet food. If a magnet does not adhere to the can, it is aluminum. (Note: steel cans are mechanically separated for recycling by large magnets at the solid waste facility so they can go into your trash).
  • Glass Food Jars, Beverage Containers: Clear, green, brown, and blue glass is okay. NO oven cookware, drinking glasses, or ceramics due to added ingredients.
  • Newspapers: All newspapers and the shiny advertising inserts are okay. NO magazines. Share those with a neighbor, school, or nursing home.
  • Plastic Bottles: All plastic bottles or containers that have a screw cap, with “Pete 1” or “HDPE 2” identification on the container bottom, such as beverage, shampoo, laundry detergent, or household cleaner. NO motor oil, pesticide, antifreeze, or pool chemicals because the quality of the plastic has been lowered. NO plastic grocery bags. Many grocery stores have collection points for bag recycling.

Recycling Tips: Please rinse cans, bottles, and jars. Throw away the lids, caps, or pumps. They contain unusable plastics. It is not necessary to remove labels. Hazardous materials, chemicals, paints, batteries, etc. may be taken to the Mockingbird facility on Rte 405 north in Titusville.


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