TGO Trails

TGO Trails


We have many trails in TGO to enjoy nature walks and hikes. There are approximately 15 miles of picturesque woods and marshland to wander through. It allows residents and guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the land that abuts the St. Johns Water Management District (Canaveral Marshes). Our trails are routinely maintained by volunteers. Help is always appreciated in this endeavor.  We have trails maps in the nature center library showing the location of all the trails.  See the map at the bottom of the page — click on the map for a larger view.


West Fence Line Golf Cart Trail


For those who would rather ride in a golf cart to experience nature, this trail is for you. It starts from the end of Hammock Oaks and continues out to the end near the Water Reclamation Area. You can observe deer, turkey, bobcats, and other forms of wildlife.


Addison Trail*  (Blue Trail)


Named after the beautiful Addison Canal, this trail walks along the top of the berm adjacent to the Addison Canal out to the edge of the Canaveral marshes.  Trail Distance:  Approximately a 1.5 mile round trip.


Watson Trail* (White Trail)


This trail was named after Dick Watson who, with Ernie and Claire Carlson, blazed all the trails out beyond the west fence line and was a trail leader.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility through this forested hammock. There are several outlooks overlooking the St. John’s marshes, along with an established eagles nest that is used every year.  Trail Distance:  Approximately 2 miles.


Claire & Ernie Carlson Trail*  (Blue Trail)


Claire and Ernie Carlson, along with Dick Watson, blazed all the trails out beyond the west fence line.  They were also trail leaders.  This trail was named after them in recognition of all of their hard work.

This trail also meanders through a lovely forested hammock. Halfway around, you can walk out to a focal point near Lake Clifton. You can connect to the white trail to return to the original trail head. Trail Distance:  Approximately 1.75 miles round trip.


Indian Mound Trail*  (Red Trail)


As in its name, this trail goes through the remnants of an Indian settlement established hundreds of years ago. This was probably a summer camp alongside the Canaveral marshes. Trail Distance:  Approximately 1.8 miles.


Karen Earley Trail* (Gold Trail)


Karen Earley was one of the first presidents of the TGO Nature Committee and also led many of the trail walks.  Without Karen’s  interest in nature, there would probably not have been a TGO Nature Center.

This is another enjoyable walk through a forested hammock. It connects to the Indian Mound Trail with a finishing walk down the golf cart nature trail.  Trail Distance:  Approximately 2 miles.


Pisarz Trail*  (White Trail)


Henry and Audrey Pisarz have led many trail walks and hikes over the years; therefore, this trail was named the Pisarz Trail in their honor.

Walking through this forested hammock is spectacular. There are several outlooks onto the marshes. Trail Distance:  Approximately 2 miles.


Matilla Trail* (White Trail)


The Matilla Trail was named after George and Karen Matilla who over time have helped in the clean-up of all the trails.

This is a new trail through the forested areas of Hidden Lakes. This  trail curves around across the marshes and connects with the interactive trail behind the nature center.


Juba Interpretive Walking Trail


There is a trail located in back of the nature center. It is a very short interpretive trail along the beautiful and historic Addison Canal. Round trip, the length is three tenths of a mile. Along the way there are three benches for anyone to sit and view the surrounding landscape. There are signs with bits of information regarding the area. This is great for those who have limited mobility or would just like a short stroll in this forested hammock. Per the St. Johns River Water Management District, motorized vehicles are prohibited on this trail.  Enjoy the beauty surrounding the trail while taking a leisurely stroll.

This trail was originally known as “Interpretive Trail”.  In 2016, the name was changed to “Interpretive Walking Trail” to discourage the use of golf carts on the trail.  Also in 2016, the TGO Nature Center Board of Directors changed the name to the “Juba Interpretive Walking Trail” to recognize Sandy Juba for the years she has dedicated to blazing, cleaning and maintaining our trails.

Photographers will love getting great shots of the many animals and birds that frequent the area. Artists have also used this area to paint/draw the picturesque scenery of the canal and canaveral marsh area.

Below is a series of photos Sandy Juba took of the Interpretive Trail but to really enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this trail, you need to see it in person!


Nature Center, nature, hiking, Interpretive, Trail

Interpretive Trail


TGO Nature Center, nature, hiking, interpretive, trail, Addison, Canal

Addison Canal From Interpretive Trail


TGO Nature Center, nature, Interpretive, trail, hiking

Bench On The Interpretive Trail


TGO Nature Center, nature, interpretive, trail, hiking

Bench At Wetlands Sign On Interpretive Trail


TGO Nature Center, hiking, nature, trail, Interpretive

Wildlife Sign On Interpretive Trail


TGO Nature Center, nature, Interpretive, Trail, hiking

A Peaceful Place To Rest On The Interpretive Trail


TGO Nature Trail, nature, hiking, Interpretive, trail

Songbird Sign On Interpretive Trail


The Juba Interpretive Walking Trail can no longer be accessed by golf carts.  Read more about the restricted access…

* We advise anyone walking beyond the fence line to not walk alone. Bring mosquito spray and cell phone. Sorry, pets are not allowed on any of the trails.


TGO Nature Center Trail Map


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