T-Goers’ On Addison Trail Walk

T-Goers’ On Addison Trail Walk


Alain Brunet sent me this wonderful description of Betty Salter’s walk on March 2, 2016:


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Photo Courtesy of Alain Brunet


As shown on the attached picture, we were twelve fortunate enough to be guided by Betty Salter this morning. The lovely and easy Addison Trail winds its way on a shady ridge created by the dig of the Addison Canal. From it we get an unobstructed view on the surrounding marshes for as far as you can see. We heard some free ranging cattle welcoming our visit so we were able to see about six of them trotting away. The Nature is always beautiful to watch up close but the happy group of ‘T-GOers’ turn these easy hikes into a new experience every time. Give it a try and make the most of this other invaluable TGO amenity.  Alain Brunet


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