“Members Only” Scrub Jay Trail Walk – January 2017

“Members Only” Scrub Jay Trail Walk – January 2017

by Betty Salter

On January 7, 2017, seven intrepid TGO Nature Center members showed up. We walked Scrub Ridge Trail where we saw Florida scrub jays and Eastern towhees. We only got slightly wet.

Then we went to a vista where we could see Mullet Head  Island, a rookery island. While there we observed a marine biologist performing a necropsy on a one year old manatee that had died most likely as a result of cold weather.

We ended our wet weather adventure by visiting Bair’s Cove boat ramp where we observed manatees and dolphins. Thank you to Linda Lublin who drove the group around in her GMC which just happened to seat seven people.

Ed. Note:  Thank you, Betty Salter, for organizing and leading this walk! Your walks are always fun and educational.


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