It Was A Three Snake Day

It Was A Three Snake Day


Monday, December 28, 2015 turned out to be a three snake day for Sandy Juba.  First the Pro Shop called her about a large rattler found on Baytree. She determined the snake was too large for her to try and capture so she contacted “Snake.” “Snake” uses rattlesnakes to extract their venom for research. They are never killed as they are very valuable animals. That afternoon Sandy captured a pygmy rattlesnake her husband Jack found in leaf debris in their backyard. That evening as it got dark, Sandy received a call about another rattler behind the library. She was able to capture this one even though it was large, feisty and not in a good mood. She then called “Snake” to pick it up.  The photo below is of “Snake” holding  the snake Sandy captured.  It is estimated to be a minimum of four feet long and weighed about 10 pounds.


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Photo Courtesy of Sandy Juba


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