Raccoon Golf Cart Rescue

Raccoon Golf Cart Rescue


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Photo Courtesy of Sandy Juba


TGO Nature Center volunteer, Sandy Juba, performed an unusual rescue on May 2, 2016.  Here is Sandy’s description of the rescue: “Before 7 am one morning, I was called to the golf course area where the golf carts are stored.  There was a very large raccoon stuck in the area next to the engine that is located under the golf cart seat.  They thought the raccoon was dead.  Upon examination it was definitely alive and definitely very stuck in its current position.  I located the area of the tail and attempted to pull it out, but it would not budge. I had to engage the help of one of the workers and even though the raccoon struggled, we finally pulled it free.  It growled and then took off as fast as it could, very grateful to be released.  Still not sure what intrigued the raccoon to try and squeeze in there beside the engine.”



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