Outside Nature Center

  Outside The TGO Nature Center


The TGO Nature Center is nestled in a beautiful palm tree hammock alongside the famous Addison Canal.  You can enjoy relaxing in our large screen porch overlooking the canal.  Perfect for reading a book or having lunch.  Our  lovely area on the berm facing the canal has a picnic table  perfect for a picnic with the kids and grandkids.  The bench provides seating for you to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the TGO Nature Center grounds.  You might even find interesting animals in the trees or along the ground.  Maybe even see a smiling tree!  Try and find them.


TGO Nature Center, nature, screen, porch

Read A Book Or Enjoy The Serenity On The Screen Porch


Come enjoy the shade of the screen porch (also keeps those pesky mosquitoes out).  There are tables and chairs you can use while reading a book, enjoying the scenery or bring a lunch to eat while enjoying the view.


TGO Nature Center, picnic, nature, table

Enjoy A Picnic On This Picnic Table


We have a picnic table at the TGO Nature Center for you to enjoy the great outdoors on one of our glorious Florida days.  Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy nature!  You might catch a heron, egret, ibis or other bird flying overhead, perched in a tree or fishing in the Addison Canal.  Also, look for woodpeckers in the trees.


TGO Nature Center, nature, bench, outside

Enjoy The Tranquility While Sitting On This Bench


The TGO Nature Center grounds are a quiet and peaceful place.  You can use this bench while reading a book or enjoying the view.


TGO Nature Center, nature, staghorn, fern

Staghorn Fern


The marvelous Staghorn Fern was generously donated by Erma Nyiri and Hank Dewey.   Our very talented volunteer, Jack Juba built the stand.


TGO Nature Center, bear, tree, hugger, nature, museum

Bear Tree Hugger


You have to admit this little bear tree hugger is adorable!


TGO Nature Center, nature, raccoon, stepping, stones

Raccoon Stepping Stones


Kids and adults alike will delight at the sight of our raccoon stepping stone.


TGO Nature Center, nature, tree, face

Hello Tree Face


Our tree face greeter welcomes all to the TGO Nature Center grounds.


TGO Nature Center, nature, tree, face

Smiling Tree Face


Come check out our smiling tree face!


TGO Nature Center, nature, deer, statues

Deer Statues


Be careful that you don’t mistake our deer statues for real deer!


TGO Nature Center, bat, house, nature, museum

Bat House


Jack Juba built this bat house.  There are five bat houses within the TGO community.  Do you know where they all are?  If not, click here to see the locations.  How many did you guess correctly?


TGO Nature Center – “Living in Harmony with Nature

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