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Inquiring Minds Want To Know


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Photo Courtesy of Darlene Durham


We received a couple of questions via our new Opinions/Suggestions box. Sandy Juba answers the first question below.


Why did you want to make this nature center?

Signed:  Me and my sister


What was once a dilapidated, run-down, building from the city of Cocoa, became a “Family Camp”. This was moved to what is now The Great Outdoors to become the hunting cabin of Jim Swann. He, in turn, graciously donated the cabin to a nature group that was started in the community. It became our first “TGO Nature Center”.  After many years of restoration and use, it was torn down to make way for “Hidden Lakes”.  In return, Mr. Swann donated a parcel of land for which we accepted donations to build a new nature center. There is so much biodiversity in this area, what better place to highlight all that nature has to offer.

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