Old TGO Nature Center

From “The Camp” to the TGO Nature Center


As the TGO Resort developed, “The Camp” was donated by Jim Swann, with the understanding that it was to be used as a “Nature Center”, for everyone in the growing community to enjoy and use.

Volunteers started sprucing up the old place. Over time, the “The Camp” was transformed. But more than just a building, a whole “community” of residents started coming together to share their love of the outdoors. The pictures below show their early accomplishments in refurbishing.



TGO Nature Center, nature, camp, old

“The Camp” Front View

TGO Nature Center, nature, center, TGO, Old, front

Refurbished Front View










It took many volunteer hours to transform the “The Camp” to our nature center.


TGO Nature Center, nature, old, camp

“The Camp” Back View

TGO Nature Center, nature, center, old, refurbished

Refurbished Back View










Not only was the building refurbished but the grounds look much better!


TGO Nature Center, nature, old, camp

“The Camp” Left View

Refurbished Left View

Refurbished Left View










Many gallons of paint were used to give the “The Camp” a fresh look!


Bridge To The Nature Center

Bridge To The Nature Center


The bridge over the Addison Canal provided beautiful views as you walked to the TGO Nature Center.

As time went on, more and more changes were made, all by volunteers and all by “sweat equity”. A gazebo was installed on the bank of the Addison Canal and another gazebo and swing were built across the field from the front of the “Old Nature Center” as shown below. TGO kept growing and the Nature Committee expanded into a larger group, which would gather regularly in the now thoroughly “revamped” structure.


Yard With Picnic Tables

Yard With Picnic Tables


The picnic tables provided a picturesque place to enjoy a picnic.


Completed - Front View

Completed – Front View


“The Camp” has been transformed with sweat equity by a number of TGO Nature Center volunteers.


Completed - Left View

Completed – Left View


The building has been refurbished and repainted – what a transformation!


And here are some inside photos at Christmas, when everything was decorated as part of the TGO “Festival of Homes Tour”. These photos give some idea of the camaraderie and “spirit” that was evident by the members.


TGO Nature Center, nature, center, Christmas, decorations

Old Nature Center Christmas Decorations


Volunteers deck out the TGO Nature Center for the holidays.


TGO Nature Center, old, center, nature, Christmas, tree

Christmas Tree At The Old Nature Center


A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree stands in the TGO Nature Center.


TGO Nature Center, nature, center, old, Christmas, Table, decorated

Table Decorated At The Old Nature Center


Many holiday and other socials have been held in the nature center.


TGO Nature Center, nature, old, center, Christmas, tree, decorated

Another Christmas Tree At The Old Nature Center


We have such talented volunteers who decorate the TGO Nature Center for Christmas year after year!


TGO kept growing and eventually Mr. Swann decided to develop what has now become “Hidden Lakes”. “The Camp” was unfortunately in the wrong location and had to be torn down to make room for this new development. This was a difficult and emotional decision. Both for the Swann Family (Please see the History of “The Camp”) and for the TGO Nature Committee, whose members had put in so much effort and so enjoyed the togetherness in the old building. As Lynn Hansel might have said, “There was always something magical about the old place”.

This is the final picture… as demolition proceeded in 2005.


TGO Nature Center, nature, old, center, demolition

The Old Nature Center After Demolition


But the story of our TGO Nature Center does not end here.  We have too many members who are tenacious and have a “will never give up” spirit.  Even though we no longer had the “Old TGO Nature Center” which was refurbished from the “The Old Camp”, you can read about the journey of building a new TGO Nature Center building.  Please go to  “New TGO Nature Center” to learn about our current building and see photos of our beautiful concrete building.


TGO Nature Center – “Living in Harmony with Nature

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