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History of Addison Canal


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Addison Canal


The TGO Nature Center property is located on the bank of the picturesque Addison Canal, as most people refer to it today.  When the water level is low, you might spot a heron, egret and/or ibis fishing for a meal.  When the water level is high, alligators have been seen in the canal.

The history of the Addison/Ellis Canal dates back to the early 1900’s.  A consortium of developers was established by Edgar W. Ellis and J. H. Beckwith in 1911 and was known as the Titusville Fruit and Farm Lands Company.  A total of 22,500 acres was acquired in the western portion of the old Delspine Grant.  To make the land usable for agricultural purposes, the plans were to drain the marshland in the St. Johns River Valley.

Two years later, in 1913, 43 miles of lateral canals had been dug.  Work then began on the Addison/Ellis Canal leading from Addison Creek to the outlying vegetable fields.  The canal was to relieve St. Johns River flooding by diverting floodwaters to the lagoon.  This would allow transport of supplies and crops from the St. Johns River to the Indian River Lagoon, ending at Addison Point.

The Titusville Fruit and Farm Lands Company paved the roads to their fields using the extracted coquina rock.  There were no problems for their equipment in the marshland and sand ridges; however, a coquina rock ridge which runs north to south was insurmountable and work stopped and the canal was not completed.

The consortium went broke and the canal project was abandoned with construction ending just east of the scrub/coquina ridge in Addison Creek near the Enchanted Forest.  The Addison/Ellis canal never reached a useful depth.

Today, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the canal and the TGO Nature Center grounds.  Come visit and relax on the bench or bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at our picnic table.  You can walk, bike or drive a golf cart across the bridge built over the Addison Canal.  Look upstream and admire the scenic “Old Florida” view of moss covered trees bordering the canal as can be seen in the photo at the top of the page.  You can also see the original wood bridge that was used to access theOld TGO Nature Center before it was torn down and theNew TGO Nature Center was built in its current location.  See photo below.  Click on the photo to enlarge it for a better view.


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Old Bridge To Old Nature Center


The photo above is of the old bridge across the Addison Canal which was used to access the Old TGO Nature Center.


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