TGO Nature Center History


What was once a dilapidated, run-down, building from the City of Cocoa, became a “Family Camp”.  Then, it was graciously donated to become our first “TGO Nature Center”.  After many years of restoration and use, it was torn down to make way for “Hidden Lakes”. Eventually, a new building arose from “the ashes” to take its place.  The photos below show a visual history of the TGO Nature Center.


TGO Nature Center History 1

TGO Nature Center History 2

TGO Nature Center History 3 Demolition

TGO Nature Center History 4 Completed


To learn more about the history of the TGO Nature Center and the Addison Canal which the nature center building is built next to, please explore the following pages.


The Camp          Old TGO Nature Center          New TGO Nature Center          Addison Canal 


TGO Nature Center – “Living in Harmony with Nature

Contact Us

To reserve the meeting room, contact:

Josiah Monk at Recreation Services for reservations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Loretta Anne’ for all other times.